Last night saw the launch of the New Residences of Yorkville Plaza in the Avenue Road building that will soon enough be transformed from a luxury hotel into a luxury condominium. The room where Truffles, the famed restuarant once floruished, was busy again as many signed on the dotted line and snapped up suites in the revitalized tower. 

Ballroom at the Four Seasons becomes the sales centre for the New Residences of Yorkville Plaza

With the Four Seasons hotel moving a block east in a year, the 31-storey building at 21 Avenue Road was for a while destined to be demolished and replaced with two new towers by its previous owner Menkes. Menkes' plan for the complex, however, would have required more height to make the business model work, and they encountered some public backlash from those who were concerned that higher buildings here would impinge upon one of Toronto's few grand vistas, that of Queen's Park as one views it from University Avenue. Attempts to preserve the view corridor as is with legislation were unsuccessful however, but despite the go-ahead, Menkes decided to sell to a builder with some experience at reworking existing buildings.

Camrost-Felcorp, who are currently working on a revamp of the early international style Imperial Oil office building on St. Clair Avenue into Imperial Plaza condominiums, bought the Four Seasons site earlier this year. Camrost-Felcorp are now applying their newfound renovation expertise here with architects from the same firm, WZMH, which designed the building in the late sixties, handling its update now.

Classic finish to a suite at the New Residences of Yorkville Plaza by Camrost-Felcorp

Long a haunt of Toronto's elite as the Four Seasons, the building holds good memories for many, and it may now become a home for many of them. Most suites in the building are one bedroom and pied-à-terre units featuring a bay window. Glass walled sleeping areas in some units will bring light deep into the suite.

Modern finish to a suite at the New Residences of Yorkville Plaza by Camrost-Felcorp

Corner units feature multiple bay windows and usually two bedrooms. Any of the suites in the building can be made up in a more classic palette, or a more modern one. Both styles come with highly tailored kitchen cabinetry featuring integrated appliances.

The Four Seasons as tweaked into the New Residences of Yorkville Plaza by Camrost-Felcorp

UrbanToronto has recently updated its dataBase page for the project. It contains, as always, more renderings and all the information you will need should you be interested in delving deeper into this project. Click the link below to view it, or choose the associated thread links to join in the discussion in our forums. Links to Camrost-Felcorp's other current stand-out conversion project, Imperial Plaza, are also provided below.

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