When the Union Station Harvey's closes at the end of January to make way for jackhammers and blowtorches, some people will ask themselves 'can it all be worth it?' For those who will feel the loss of the burger location a little too acutely, we present the following as a reminder of what is on its way, hoping to cheer them up a little.

Union Station Harvey's image by androiduk

First, let's start at where TTC riders and PATH users will enter Union Station in climate controlled comforst, through the deepened and now roofed moat. The NORR Architects-designed plans mean that Union Station's lower floor will be at the same level as that of the mezzanine of Union Subway Station and the PATH network, making it all fully accessible to those with mobility challenges. Everyone will benefit from more direct access.

Union Station Entrance image by NORR Architects

Below Union's tracks, a new concourse is being built to quickly connect GO Transit riders with their trains.

Union Station GO Concourse image by NORR Architects

This concourse will be a floor above the new retail concourse. 

Union Station Retail Escalators image by NORR Architects

Quite a large mall will provide shopping and dining opportunities for those waiting for their trains, or who are passing through the PATH system on their way from or to work, rest or play.

Union Station Retail Mezzanine image by NORR Architects

At the south end, the mall and rail concourses will exit to the Air Canada Centre and Maple Leaf Square. The new mid-station atrium can be seen above the south entrance. 

Union Station South Entrance image by Cicada Design

The shed, under which trains currently rest alongside platforms, is dark and showing its age. Unloved by most, the historic Bush shed, a design that was notable for its natural ventilation properties in the days of steam propulsion, is going to have its east and west ends refurbished, and have a green roof installed above, while the central portion will be replaced by a light-filled glass atrium designed by Zeidler Partnership Architects.

Union Station Train Shed image by Cicada Design

Union Station Atrium image by Cicada Design

Finally, for those looking for their Harvey's fix until we find out if the chain goes back into Union when work is complete in 2015, the next closest location is just up the PATH in Commerce Court, but only open during office-tower hours. 

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