UrbanToronto member tomms has a camera, interchangeable lenses, unshakable nerve, the drive to go where no photographer has gone before, and the skill to create great photos when he gets there. Tomms has now paid a visit to the most closely followed construction project on UrbanToronto, and we are happy to bring you tomms' photos from Trump.

After shooting through the opening toward the TD Centre above, the view below looks down at the intersection of King and Bay Streets:

Looking down at the corner of King St W & Bay St. Image courtesy of tomms.

Moving around to the northwest, we have the Sheraton Centre grabbing all of the attention: 

Looking northwest with the Bay-Adelaide Centre in the foreground. Image courtesy of tomms.

Walk to the right, change lenses, and we have a fish eye view of the Bay Adelaide Centre:

Image courtesy of tomms.

Look down at Adelaide Street, and check out all of the blue light that the KPMG sign throws.  Believe it when we say they won't be lighting that up so late in the future: 

Image courtesy of tomms.

Finally a trip to the top, with two views from the crane: to the northeast:

Image courtesy of tomms.

... and the northwest:

Image courtesy of tomms.

The Trump International Hotel seems to be taking reservations as of June. The residences higher in the Zeidler Partnership-designed building, should be occupying in 2012.

To see recent official photos from the hotel's interior, check out the link here.

UrbanToronto's thread for this Talon Development building where UrbanToronto member Steveve has reposted Trump's latest Facebook photos. 

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