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Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Chinese/Asian clientele make up a recognizable portion of the market, but I wouldn't say that alone has contributed to Yorkdale being elevated as the premier destination of luxury retail. Location also plays an important role, as Yorkdale is geographically more centralized among the entire GTA. The highway proximity also makes it easier to access for other well-to-do folks from the surrounding outer boroughs and suburbs to access. And as usual, parking is important for the often auto-centric clientele of the high end retail market. The typical Alexander McQueen shopper may not be taking the TTC to get there per se, but public transit also keeps Yorkdale popular as a whole, with it being well served by the subway, buses, along with regional connection with the GO station there as well.
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Yorkdale Shopping Centre announces nine new stores and restaurants opening this year, many first-to-market

Aug 17, 2021

Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Canada's leading shopping destination, will be welcoming nine new retailers and restaurants in coming months. The new stores, boutiques and restaurants include a range of fashion, athletics, beauty & fragrance brands and restaurants that will account for a total of 56,653 square feet of new retail space.

"We're seeing tremendous momentum and interest from retailers and brands, many of which are opening their first Canadian locations or flagship locations here," said William Correira, Director, Yorkdale Shopping Centre. "All our retailers have strong consumer demand. Introducing such a significant number of new stores and restaurants in the next few months reinforces our optimism in the retail sector and its bright future."

Some of the most notable new store opening include Canada's first Alexander McQueen and Celine boutiques.

A Nike flagship store will be one of the largest in the country at 24,000 square feet. Athleta will also mark its entry into Canada, opening one of its first stores at Yorkdale.

There will be a variety of brands opening ranging from fashion, athletics, beauty & fragrance and food & drink. They include:

  • Luxury: Alexander McQueen, Celine
  • Lifestyle: Nike, Athleta, RayBan
  • Beauty & Fragrance: Aesop and Jo Malone
  • Food & Drink: Yu Seafood and Konjiki Ramen
Current retailers Burberry, David Yurman and Raffi are completing renovations and will open new and improved locations at Yorkdale in coming months, making the centre a must-visit destination heading into the coveted fall fashion season.

As opposed to a fine view of the most boring corner on King Street?
The view isn't what people are going for.

1) I would take the corner of King/York every single time over the parking lot at Yorkdale.

2) You're entitled to your preferences; but they certainly don't align with my own.
Space NK, a British personal care and beauty products retailer, will open up within the Bay Store at Yorkdale in early October later this year. It is among their 3 selected store destinations as they enter the Canadian market through a partnership with the Hudson's Bay Co. The other stores being in Montreal and Vancouver.

Some photos of the new Nike flagship store at Yorkdale:

I didn't know about this store until I visited the mall, for the first time in ages, last week.

People were lined up, a couple of dozen of them, to get in. I didn't have the heart to tell them they could walk 30 seconds to Sport Chek and find most of the same stuff. 😜
Craig's Cookies are opening at Yorkdale, their 5th location in the city.