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Woodbine Centre

New update in the court orders. Apparently the courts asked Chris Hinn to remove the trailers in the parking lot. in September there were 16 trailers parked in the parking lot, now there are over 100!!!! They’ve been asking him to remove them for months but more and more keep arriving!!!! He’s shuffling around all that garbage from all of his stores. I don’t know why he’s wasting his time. It’s all going to be seized as has not removed it.

I don’t understand why he doesn’t just walk away from it all. He’s a failed businessman. He needs to accept that!
I don't understand how he would still be in control of the property. I thought creditors would have taken over by now and appointed someone else to be the manager.
Cine Starz Deluxe...HOLDING IT DOWN in Woodbine Mall!!!
Anyone know what’s going on with the bankruptcy? There haven’t been any new documents or info posted on the legal portal for Woodbine
That's the business equivalent of using your neighbour's front yards for a garage sale that's never going to happen.