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Why is this a thing? Another Middle-East skyscraper engulfed in flames!

Northern Light

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May 20, 2007
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Genuine question.

Fortunately, large-scale skyscraper fires are relatively rare.

But I have noted several in the middle east in the last few years, where the fire has seemed to scale the building at enormous speed.

It it the cladding? Is there a unique design-flaw at play? Just thought there might some expert input on why this seems to be a thing.

Certainly not an expert but you might be onto something. The drive to build the highest, fanciest, most palatial, etc. might be taking precedence over building codes, design and fire safety standards; either/or their existence or enforcement.
I think they are using gasoline rubbed panels for their cladding.... :) The reality is that they do not have the same fire codes as we do in the west, their buildings look good but the quality of the materials are a different story, there have many fires on completed or under construction buildings in the last 5 years in that region.
I'm certainly no expert either, but I think most of these UAE tower fires are mainly limited to the exterior cladding material (which makes them look more horrific than they actually are). Having lived in the region, many of the less "landmark" towers use quite low quality China-sourced materials....and look worse close up than they do in photos.