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Who's to blame for Toronto's real estate market?


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Nov 13, 2009
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Our agents tells us the Asians and Russians coming over that have money. The real estate board will not publicly say this because it will scare people. The agency eh works for had these head honchos come from out west for a big meeting and laid this out to them, I already knew that the restate agencies were lying when they come out to say that foreign buyers make up tiny portion. WE had a rental we sold and guess to who. Then we were looking at 2 other houses and guess who bought them? We never really considered them but our agent later told us who bought them. Plus another house in the summer, guess again who bought? We took a look at another house yesterday and when I saw an Asian couple (no rings) so it could be father and daughter as he appeared older. I told my husband "game over". Interesting to see who will get that house