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Which condo developers are the best in the city?


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Jul 10, 2011
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I would disagree with that comment as most Tridel buildings (except for The Icon on Wellington) are very well built and very rarely do you hear complaints from its purchasers about its poor built quality or workmanship ~

I rented a Tridel condo in Markham for 2 years, and another Tridel condo in North York for almost 2 years. I must say Tridel is not that different than other developers in the GTA -- in fact older condo buildings that I lived in were built with better materials.

I am not impressed with the quality of the 2 Tridel condos, and things (toilet, tap, etc) were breaking down after the first year (the condos were new when I moved in). I am not sure if it is due to a decline of quality in the GTA condos in general, or if it is just a poor qaulity of Tridel Condos.