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It’s pretty bad, we invested in 2019 and they didn’t give us any information except 3 yrs later the project is cancelled. They expect us to just leave with our deposit. The value of my unit is $140k more today at this market situation. Next door people selling their 5 yrs old unit 2 bedroom for $660k. The builder used our money to make money last 3 yrs. We are talking to lawyers and would sue. Why after almost 4 yrs the builder tell us project is cancel. They knew this long time ago. The market was so hot we could have mad great money investing anywhere else. The will will just relaunch after in increasing the price I am sure. Can’t believe a reputable company would do this.
Is anyone planning for class action law suit? How do we find more details about it? Should we take the money and move on or fight?
I want to fight for this, I have been on their case before the closing date June 2022. They kept on saying delay delay and after 3.5 yrs it’s cancelled ridiculous.
I think when they relaunch the project the 176 individuals that purchased a unit back in 2019 should tie a new unit make them do all the paperwork and then use the 10 day cooling off period to cancel it.
Is everyone who comment here are investors in this project? Where to find the investors details and interested personals who are willing to take it to the next steps?

Is anyone aware of how 'Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA)' works? They have a complaint form to start with.

We should make a group and come together for discussion because they just want to settle with little as possible. We invested in this project and they had our money for 3.5 yrs