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TTC Fleet Procurement Strategy - 2022

I do prefer plastic seats over fuzzy seats, yes.

The fuzzy seats are unbearable if you are wearing shorts, I'm feeling itchy all over just thinking about them. The worst inconvenience one experiences in a plastic seat is that you may slide around during rough acceleration or braking or on corners.

The best ones of course were the leatherette seats that used to be in use on the Hawker cars, which unfortunately gave way to the monstrosities they used on the T1.
Good info, I certainly would not have guessed at that based on the age of the rolling stock!
So, going way off on a tangent here....

In the 1980s, the Turkish government was looking at improving transit in their capital, and they awarded a turn-key contract to everyone's favourite enginering and consultancy firm, SNC-Lavalin. They had partnered with UTDC/Can-Car to provide the railcars - based on their RT75 design, but built with then state-of-the-art AC traction and set up as 3-car sets - and Alcatel for their SelTrac signalling system.

The three had worked together a number of times to sell the ICTS - what Toronto used on the Scarborough RT - to various cities around the world, but this would be the only heavy rail subway that they would partner on.