Toronto XO Condos | 53.64m | 14s | Lifetime | Core Architects

Yuck. The 2010's version of the commie block. Lazy architecture.
The plaza on the south-east corner has had a large turn over and no lost as well McD and the south-west area.

You can always put in another McD without parking and drive through as well the BK & Sub. You need to put back the laundry place as people need a place to do their laundry.
For context, a few pictures of both sites taken yesterday:

Northeast corner of King and Dufferin:

Southwest corner of King and Dufferin:

Same, but seen from Dufferin, south of King:


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I'm assuming that as this is on the edge of Parkdale, that price point here is going to be pretty sensitive… so I am expecting a compartively inexpensive pair of buildings here, and not so much spent on architecture. We cannot expect every building, even most buildings, to be better than the average. Most necessarily will be average.