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Apr 24, 2007
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Mississauga, where cars rule city growth
Apartment Building for 313 and 4 levels of parking

Nice ! I love buildings with rounded corners !
Lot better than the standard square box.

Surprise with 22s, since there was strong opposition for the 6-10 Ann project that got cut down a few floor and now built. The area opposed anything over 15s, but needs to be taller in the first place.
Architect is IBI

Public meeting happened back in March, and I don't believe height was much of a concern. More-so the parking ratio - considering it's next to a GO station.
Huge new condo proposed for Mississauga

By Ashley Newport on October 11, 2019


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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo all the curvature is gone?!

Ugh. Sometimes I think developers submit interesting designs just to get the public onside, then switch to something else at the last second because it's "easier"/cheaper for them. This looks SO bland and boring now. Ugh ugh ugh.
Wowww... the community was against this development at the public meeting - I chimed in saying the design was worth approving this project.

I take that back.