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Danny Salvatore, President of Fernbrook Homes sent letters (dated October 5) to Pier 27 purchasers saying, "We now have our building permit for Pier 27 in hand, and construction has begun..."

Received the same letter over here. Great news. I can't wait see both of these projects take shape.
A large piece of heavy machinery, complete with police escort (it is an oversize load) just pulled up in front of the site on QQE. It looks like a pile driver to me -- I would imagine that shoring work is about to begin!!
We are pleased to announce that Deep Foundations has mobilized on site.

I don't who Deep Foundations is but he sounds like a guy you don't want to mess with.:D
so both Pier 27 and the L Tower are starting construction on the same day?

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Ground breaking

Looks like work has actually started.


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There are no plans to launch Phase 3 at this time.

Cityzen, will Phase 2 be built at the same time as Phase 1? And is it true that Phase 2 has the "sound barrier" that will minimize the noise coming from Redpath?

Thanks in advance.
Phase 1 & 2 are being built at the same time. The building flanking Redpath is designed with a single loaded corridor thereby providing sound attenuation.