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just taking a look at some of the comments - all this is a change to the 70s street façade but odd the city is allowing encroachment onto the sidewalk. If this Yonge/bloor subway enhancement goes forward this entire area may be dug up for a really long time (look at union).View attachment 215301
It is going forward so get ready. Probably still a few years out but 2024-2031 or so is probably not going to be too kind to Yonge and Bloor.
^ Yup, this could be another Yonge & Eglinton?

I doubt that. Yonge and Bloor is the single busiest intersection in the city in terms of overall pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The City of Toronto would be ill advised to let the intersection turn into another Yonge and Eglinton as it would be akin to shutting down a section of the Gardiner.

Charles, Cumberland and Hayden are one way for the most part and cannot handle a diversion around Yonge and Bloor. If they are expanding the subway station Church St will also be a write off.

Yonge and Eglinton is not as impacting as Yonge and Bloor is.
^^^ I know but I swear I read somewhere that Yonge/Eg is the busiest intersection in the city. I was quite surprised by that.

EDIT: Based on 2015 numbers, Yonge/Eg is the 2nd busiest intersection in Toronto after Yonge/Dundas.

UT post from 2015:

In this Toronto Star article, they name the busiest intersections in the city.

YONGE ST. & DUNDAS ST. 129,704


BAY ST. & QUEEN ST. 115,940

DUNDAS ST. & BAY ST. 115,382

KING ST. & JARVIS ST. 110,768

STEELES AVE. & HWY 404 108,356

AVENUE RD. & BLOOR ST. 105,502




Here are the most recent traffic counts from the city of Toronto web site. Of Toronto/Transportation Services/Road safety/Files/pdf/24hourvolumemap2013.pdf

Based on the numbers provided by the city attached, the intersection of Yonge and Steeles appears to be the busiest in the city in number of cars. Using the numbers provided combining all directions it appears between 91000-96000 (2012-2013 numbers) vehicles should pass through the intersection every 24 hours.
I couldn't find another intersection with what appears to be higher vehicle traffic on this Toronto Transportation document.

The Star article uses 67,000 (2010 numbers) for vehicles and 6000 pedestrians. Not sure how this is possible based on the cities own numbers provided.

When we look at traffic count numbers from York Region they also omit this intersection from their counts. 3.pdf
I guess no-one wants to claim this corner as their own?

Add to that the fact that intersection sees among the greatest number of buses of any in the GTA intersection and I believe this should certainly be in the top 10 list.

This intersection represents the crossroads of Three cities and the gateway to Toronto (and York Region). Maybe because of the divided nature of the location and the stall in transit improvements (ie Yonge Subway Extension), no-one wants to look objectively at this location?
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^ Does that look familiar. I think it's the same hoarding they used on 1 Bloor East.

I thought so too. I remember it well because way back around 2011, when I still lived in Ottawa, Eric Darwin, a prominent urban blogger in Ottawa in the vein of Stephen Munro (but with a broader focus than just transit) worte an article on the One Bloor East hoarding. This was one of those "why can't we have nice things" types of articles where Ottawa pined after what Toronto has.

I am often struck on these forums when people complain that Toronto compares unfavourably in architecture, public realm, planning, etc. to other cities globally, how such complaints are universal. Ottawans would gladly trade their Claridge Plazas for many towers that would rate here in the bottom 25% of recent Toronto designs.
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