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Toronto vs. Mississauga councillor salaries. Like. WHAAAA?

The Mississauga Muse

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Apr 24, 2007
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Found this an interesting read on the difference in salaries between a Toronto councillor and a Mississauga one. And how Torontonians think their councillors should roll back their pay hikes.

Sun, September 9, 2007
Most T.O. residents against council raise

Toronto councillors would lose the 8.9% pay hikes they received earlier this year if the majority of city residents had their way.

A Sun Media-Leger Marketing poll found that just over 71% of Toronto residents believe that the city's 44 city councillors should roll back the pay increases they received on Jan. 1.

The 8.9% hike drove up a councillor's salary from $87,214 annually to $95,000 a year. Mayor David Miller's yearly earnings jumped from $147,856 to $160,000.

The telephone poll of 500 randomly-selected Torontonians found 21% of respondents said that they saw no reason to reverse the decision to boost salaries. Nearly 8% didn't know or refused to answer the question.

Councillor Michael Walker, who has tried unsuccessfully to kill the hefty salary hike, says the results come as no surprise.

"You don't have any authority -- moral or otherwise -- when you're asking everybody else to pay more taxes, make sacrifices -- lose services -- when you yourself are not prepared to set the example. That is right in your own pocket book," Walker says.

The city is now gripped by a financial crisis which prompted Mayor David Miller to unleash a series of service cuts.

Walker last set his sights on the pay raise at July's council meeting. Armed with the supporting signatures of 14 other councillors, Walker attempted to bring forward the issue for debate.

His attack on the paycheques of his colleagues ended in defeat when deputy speaker Gloria Lindsay Luby ruled the issue out of order for procedural reasons.

Toronto's influential executive committee -- made up of Miller and his hand-picked councillors -- put a halt to a previous attempt by Walker to cancel the raises in March.

Miller defends the salary increase, which was approved before last fall's municipal election. A consultant did a salary comparison and determined Toronto councillors earned less than their counterparts in some other cities.

Mississauga councillors are paid $122,612 annually and receive a yearly car allowance of $17,300. Mayor Hazel McCallion earns $174,412 a year.

"The pay raise didn't put them ahead of Mississauga. They're still paid less than Mississauga and they have a far more complicated and difficult job," says Miller.

The poll found Torontonians who are 55 and older are more likely to support a salary rollback than residents aged 18 to 34.
Yeah, but doesn't Hazel claim this is because of "more responsibilities" because they also go to Peel Council meetings?

I've deleted the double thread, BTW.

You mean I started two identical threads? Sorry and thanks for cleaning up after me.

Did some homework. A recent article County’s politicians recommend pay hike

Article date and it says that a Peel Regional councillor's salary is $45,711.

So if you take a Mississauga/Peel councillor's salary of $122,612 minus the $17,300 he makes in Peel?

Mississauga councillors make $76,901 --plus $17,300 car expenses.

Hmm... you know it raises a question. If they break from Peel and become single tier, it means they don't have those "additional responsibilities" anymore. $45,711 --surely represents a minimum number of hours to Peel meetings and committees.

Going back to the original article. Regarding Toronto.

"The 8.9% hike drove up a councillor's salary from $87,214 annually to $95,000 a year."

Even at $95,000 SeanTrans --we're talking Toronto here. a councillor who manages to be harmless is worth that. A decent councillor much more.

As for those excellent ones? There are private corporations happy to have them. I've read numerous posts/forums and there's a familiar refrain. Toronto's so much harder to be a councillor for.

This is what pains me most since I started paying attention to municipal politics. I remember when Mississaugans viewed Toronto and Brampton and Oakville as neighbours and we were proud of Toronto.

It's the capital of Ontario.

Now we're competitors. Worse, actually. We're gleeful at how superior our corporate municipal management style is to theirs. And the worse our neighbours do, the better we can justify our salaries.

That's the "read" I get.