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As Chuck has already stated, "Downtown Markham," the name of Remington's master-planned community, is going between Warden and the GO line south of #7..."Markham Centre" encompasses everything from Kennedy to about Rodick. Town Centre Blvd and Markham Civic Centre already exist west of Warden. It's all a bit semantical, but, then again, it isn't, and this development is a welcome addition, even if the density is a bit too low :)
It would be difficult to create any sort of streetwall along Enterprise since two-thirds of it east of the GO line are depressed as it goes under the tracks (similar to how Steeles and Sheppard are west of Leslie). 39 is too tall imo unless it is well designed. I think the north half is fine, but the south half needs to have better integration with the GO Station and YRT terminal. It's too bad that there will still be the large parking lot between this and the station.

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I took another look at it and that north section of development is terrible. Is that a tower in the park format?? I can't really make out on the plans but it looks like there is some huge driveway in front of the 25, 10, and 18 story building.

It's too bad someone couldn't buy land on both sides of the tracks to build a Markham transit terminal as part of the GO Station.
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Markham's town centre is west of Warden, though, where all kinds of moderately tall buildings either exist or are being built.

But they are (and will not) be much taller than 15-20 storeys.

I agree with Marcus, 40 storeys is far too much at this point.
I agree with Marcus, 40 storeys is far too much at this point.

I said 39 storeys is too tall for a bad design because it will stick out like a sore thumb. An example of what I mean can be found at Jane and Rutherford on the NE corner. There are two disgustingly ugly precast towers just sitting there high up above of anything around it, and they are only 16 stories. I'm all for height and density, especially around transit nodes. They can easily achieve the same density by building mid-rises with appropriate setbacks and streewall presence.
It's true that you don't want bad design - at any height - and the bigger the building is, the greater the impact, negative or positive. I don't believe that 39 storeys would be implicitly bad for this spot, but let's hope the building plan improves.

I'm amazed that Markham would be getting 39 floors. Any other city in North America where you can find buildings this tall in a far out suburb?
Houston has some wierd massive office tower in the middle of nowhere...
^ Good ol' "No Zonin' Houston". Burnaby has some taller towers. Schaumberg, Illinois (Chicago Burb) has some tall office towers, though only 20 floors and 80 metres tall, still appears tall in its surroundings.