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If I were to visit, I'll be relived to reassure myself knowing that GO, VIA, and (some) UP Express railcars have washrooms on-board.

And the nearby ones by the Food Court, if it ran quick.
I took the 6:50pm lakeshore east and the via departed just before my train. It was fairly long so I assume Montreal.
If you looked at the link above that tells you which new trains are running you would see that on a Friday there are three new trains scheduled to run from Toronto to Ottawa and none to Montreal:

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Did you catch where the new VIA was headed & when it was departing? I'd like to see if I could ride this new train set this summer.
Did a search and it looks like that train was to Ottawa which leaves about 6:30pm. May have been delayed. I had just missed the 6:20 train and that is why I was taking pics.
Union needs it Mike's Way. Sorry frou-frou options I've never heard of, this is probably where my money will go if I'm hungry while passing through.