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Yeah, I noticed that too. A couple of weeks ago I got dropped off at Terminal 1 to catch the UP Express. There were signs and a security post, but no one stopped me from entering.
I went through yesterday. They aren't checking papers, etc., and anyone who reasonably passes as a passenger can walk through. So if you look like you know where you are going fine .... but tough to bring the whole family.

The checkpoint at Terminal 1, is at the entrance to the aerial walkway from next to the train station to the terminal. So no problems bringing the entire family to meet people at the entrance to the train station. As I passed yesterday, they were making someone put on a mask before entering the walkway. Or using the Pearson express to

I've certainly met infrequent visitors to the city and people who need assistance at the airport (and taken the train) in ancient times (pre-Covid). It's no so much that they want a ride, but just want to know where to go. Traversing Pearson and then Union Station requiring elevators is a challenge to those who don't know where the elevators are hidden - especially from the UP platform!
At Pearson yesterday, afternoon UP train was full, but most got a seat.
At Union, lines were long enough that many had to wait an additional 30 mins for the next train to depart. ML really needs to get back to 15 mins service, all day, every day.
Yes, the weekend of 10th the trains were pretty full both ways so they really do need to return to 15 minute departures all day, every day.
Apparently (posted by Oliver Moore on Twitter) all day 15 minute UP Service is coming back next month. Thats great because in many ways the UP is exactly what we should be aiming for with GO - fast frequent all day service, and it continues to be very well used.