Toronto Two Hundred The Beach | 24.08m | 6s | The Riedel Group | Richard Ziegler

And with those late 90's midrises on the south side, the last thing this stretch of Queen needs is more anonymity.
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Finishing touches on this building have been taking forever, as has the sidewalk repair.
No idea why these smaller developments in the Beach always seem to move at such a slow pace. Feels like they move at half the pace ... if that, to most other city projects.
The Bruno's Fine Foods at Royal York and Dundas is so hilariously dated. When the cashier noticed the look of shock on my face upon seeing the ancient cash registers, she couldn't help but sheepishly remark, "Yeah, they're the original machines from the 80's..."
Aye. I live in the area and this is an awful building. Better than what was there before, but really sub par for a new building.
Bruno's finally opening either Thursday Sept 3rd or Friday September 4th.