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today. There is standing water here, but only a few bubbles and drips here and there. I can't imagine this was the intended effect. Shouldn't we hear running water when near this. Maybe they're waiting for a restaurant to be operating to put any efforts into getting this to work right, but isn't there supposed to be some public interest in it working since features like this were part of the package that helped this project get the height it got?

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I do apologize for quoting this post extremely late down the line. I used to be involved with the maintenance of many pools/water features in Toronto in my early days of university, and this was one I worked with when it was new a few years ago. It's a shame to see it is still having problems.

The main issue is construction quality and awful design, which is why this fountain works like crap. The metal is not level for the entire length of the fountain, so the water only pours over into the gutter in certain sections, mainly the middle. This totally ruins the "infinity" feature of the fountain. This does not fill the gutter evenly and by consequence, allows air into the water pump in the parking garage below, which ruins the pressure head and causes the bubbling. It often resulted in water being unable to reach the surface in a few hours after regaining the right pressure head. People also throw tons of garbage into the fountain, I remember cleaning tons of cigarettes and garbage out of the pump every time I came in for maintenance, which was about every other day during a given week.

The fountain also rusted. A fountain like this should not rust, given that the metal should either be made from aluminum or stainless steel. However, from what I heard, the company that fabricated the metal sheets used a cheap "stainless steel-esque" material that was not quite up to the task. It only took a month until it started rusting, but it looks like they fixed it. They really cheaped out with everything on this fountain. I left the company after working for them for a summer, it's a shame that they still haven't been able to get it working.
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It's a high quality building and the white banding adds an element of fun. I can vouch for the quality of the interiors too, having a friend who's lived there for some time. The pool area attracts an interesting crowd, let's say that.