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European food halls? I never saw those in Paris or Rome, but what do I know. "Elevated grab-and-go"... please elevate yourself into orbit, thanks.

The term 'food hall' is a bit problematic on a pan-European basis; but there is some semblance of that idea:

The term really originated with the large European Dept. stores. Arguably Harrod's and yes, is Paris, Galleries Lafayette have them.

Of course, is this what is really being offered, almost entirely by one restaurant group, here? Probably not.

Though we shall have to wait and see how the thing turns out.
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In North America food halls are often just an excuse to charge restaurant prices for food court fares. But maybe that’s just me being cheap. Saw a food truck at Jarvis & Richmond today offering $20 burger combos.

I think that's probably a generalization, and might go just a bit too far.

Certainly, in Toronto, the few food halls we've seen, I think have generally been at least one notch above food court fare.

Even those that more closely resemble a fast food offering might have PG Clucks Fried Chicken, as opposed to KFC, and there is little question in my mind that the former is superior to the latter.

Of course you will pay a bit extra for that, and perhaps, depending on the venue, for better seating/ambiance.

The other notable difference, vs a typical food court, is that the majority of food halls do carry a liquor license, and beer/wine, and possibly cocktails are either available at a dedicated bar, or through individual vendors.

* I will add though, food quality is widely variable, and some vendors are closer to food court caliber at some places; albeit, typically independent rather than chain.
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