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Rezoning application filed:
Ward 05 - Etob. York District

Proposal to construct a 12 storey mixed-use building containing 159 dwelling units and a total gfa of 13,110 square metres. The proposal provides 347 square metres of retail at grade as well as 3 levels of underground parking.
Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Rezoning 17 257307 WET 05 OZ Nov 2, 2017 Under Review
Architect is Graziani + Corazza:


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I'm fine with the podium design there, although there are nearly no details fleshed out. I like the square frames: if the windows are inset from that, it creates some texture, whether the frames are precast or metal or another modern material. The top looks bog-standard glass and spandrel, but again, we're not getting any serous detail here yet.

Is the mechanical penthouse design a work in progress, or does it represent the very worst in mechanical penthouse architecture: a large and generically clad box which is unrelated to the rest of the building in terms of architecture?