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New renderings are updated in the database! The overall project information also changed. The total building storey count changed from 22 & 11-storey to 23 & 13-storey. The building height changed from 75.22m & 42.10m to 81.1m & 48.15m. The total unit count increased from 439 units to 551 units. The total parking space count increased from 470 parking spaces to 564 parking spaces.
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The brick bottom does give it a better look. Sort of matches what was built just east of this. I like it.

Skale and Diamante announce joint venture to build The Residences at Bluffers Park at 2790-2800 Kingston Road, Toronto​

From this afternoon, yet another new Kingston Road project, a bit further east than most:

Skale | Diamante
Apr 12, 2023, 15:24 ET

TORONTO, April 12, 2023 /CNW/ - Skale and Diamante Development are pleased to announce a new joint venture. Together, they are building The Residences at Bluffers Park condominiums at 2790-2800 Kingston Road in Toronto, offering lakeside living, minutes from downtown Toronto.

The Residences at Bluffers Park is a two-building project with 550 suites close to the stunning Scarborough Bluffs, parks, beaches, and eclectic shops and restaurants along Kingston Road. Scarborough Go station is minutes from the site, making commuting easy.

With such a perfect harmony of urban and natural amenities, The Residences at Bluffers Park offers a remarkable lifestyle that will be irresistible to home buyers. The buildings themselves will offer world-class amenities.
Skale has already made a name for itself in the Scarborough Bluffs community, with the completion of The Bluffs condominium at 2799 Kingston Road.

"With the lasting legacy from The Bluffs, when the opportunity for 2790 and 2800 Kingston Road across the street presented itself, we immediately wanted to have a role in the further growth along Kingston Road surrounding the Scarborough Bluffs," said Armaan Salek, President of Skale.

"We are delighted to join forces with Skale on this inimitable project. The Residences at Bluffers Park offers a great opportunity for intensification and community building. Plus, with its access to transit and exceptional area amenities, it offers purchasers a wonderful home where their needs have been carefully considered," said Paolo Palamara, President of Diamante.

The building, designed by cutting-edge architecture firm Turner Fleischer, offers contemporary style, influenced by the historical context of the location. The exterior of the podium is clad in traditionally coloured bricks, reflecting the aesthetic of the neighbourhood, and influenced by the breathtaking natural asset of the Scarborough Bluffs. Turner Fleischer has created enticing, carefully crafted floorplans to enhance life and make it more comfortable for residents.

Inside the striking building, a mix of perfectly designed and sized suites offer flexibility in choice. The interior design by TACT creates a luxurious ambiance throughout the residence, with curvilinear forms and soft, warm colours and natural accents creating a feeling of tranquility.

The landscapes by Adesso Design Inc. at Residences at Bluffers Park are designed to visually reference the Scarborough Bluffs. A wide variety of enticing outdoor areas, including open lawns, playgrounds, multiple gathering areas, and a street-front plaza at ground level offer relaxing spaces to enjoy the outdoors.

The joint venture between Skale and Diamante enables the two reputable developers to benefit from synergy and complementary skills and experience. Armaan Salek and Paolo Palamara are delighted to be partnering on this project that will be a landmark in the Bluffs neighbourhood.

"Partnering with the pragmatic team at Diamante Development, we are truly bringing a unique, highly sought-after community to the neighbourhood with The Residences at Bluffers Park," said Salek.
Palamara added, "The opportunity to work with Skale is one we value at Diamante. Together we will create an address of distinction in a location we love. The sum of our strengths will ensure buyers at The Residences at Bluffers Park receive the very best."

Collectively, both companies bring decades of experience with a mutual desire to create significant properties that bring value to neighbourhoods by enhancing the lives of residents.

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