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If you want tourists to come to Toronto to admire its architecture, you'd have to raze 90% of the glass boxes that went up in the last 20 years and replace them with more interesting buildings (regardless of height).

Right ,but that doesn't mean we give up on the ones that currently going up.
Part 1 of 2 taken on January 25, 2023:

I am curious to know what those things would be in your opinion. Most of the Londoners I have met in Toronto act like they have blessed us peasants with their holy presence 😂
My friend from London told me she loves the spontaneity of the people of Toronto and how we're always organizing community events, pop-ups, large & small festivals, etc. She also likes the laneways full of a mish-mash of amateur & pro graffiti art and the diversity of food and people. Her idea of a perfect day in Toronto is just wandering around & stumbling upon whatever is randomly happening.

Similarly, another friend from London thought the old zombie parade was a fascinating example of Torontonian grassroots culture. She flew here one autumn specifically to join it. (It's a shame we stopped doing it really).

Both friends said that Londoners are far too uptight (their words not mine) to just try something just because. So they love that about Torontonians.

To bring it back to The One - neither of them would come here for that as neat as it is. There'd have to be a bunch more stuff inside for them to see - the hotel doesn't count and frankly the height really doesn't either.
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