Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

I think there’s a chance what we’re seeing is exactly what was previewed. In the second photo the upper part of the glass is inset deeper, I imagine the metal cladding goes overtop that. The section of the glass that covers the diagonal beam also looks unfinished on the outside, and I imagine cladding will also overlay that.
That's pretty much what I am no arguments here. Glass being used is nearly identical to the one sampled in the UT article I linked to too.
Looks like they are getting ready for another floor pour
Wow this is way off topic. But your lucky you don't have no snow falling down in the downtown core from looking at the photo up above . We're getting clobbered with snow in the Fort Erie, Niagara Falls area right now. Not to mention the Buffalo's south metro area with 5 ft of so far from lake Erie lol!
My latest "time lapse" photo, added to my weekly updated "time lapse" album on Flickr, showing weekly progress from October 2020 to November 2022 as seen from the NE corner of Bloor and Yonge. A milestone here with the first cladding appearing, barely visible in the lower left corner. Also, a change from landscape to portrait as its height now necessitates that! Plus a view from south on Yonge Street, both taken today.

The link to the "time lapse" album, with the latest photo added today.

Welcome to page 900! It's taken just over 11 years to get to this point. How many more before this project sees completion?
It's not that it took 11 years to produce 900 pages, it's also a project that's generated a lot of interest, fandom and the occasional trolls (the latter can generate a surprising amount of postings). As I am also sure there are building threads around UT that are of the same age or older that have way lower page counts.