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Not much action today as most construction workers had the day off.
Those rebar columns also look taller than on the previous floors
Yes, taller and rebar looks denser, too (at least the horizontal bands). Here’s a comparison of last level’s column and this one. The ‘solid’ part of the cage (the part that gets filled with concrete) reaches to just above the third horizontal blue brace on the last form, and to the fourth horizontal blue base on this new one.


📷: @Benito
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maybe this floor will have a thick transfer slab hence the extra rebar... there apears to be no internal support columns for this floor in the diagram
Yes, I’ll be curious to see why they outlined the mechanical floor on this last slab, given it’s not actually the mechanical floor.

The first mechanical level is seventeen. I think they just poured the slab for sixteen. The rebar sticking out of the floor still matches a hotel floor, location of doors, rectangular columns in the middle of the floors, etc., we'll know soon enough!

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