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Looks like they are ready to pour on Monday View attachment 421523

I would like to hope that they're planning for the following schedule:
  • Monday - pour the floor slab
  • Tuesday - set up rebar for the walls
  • Wednesday - pour the walls
  • Thursday - set up the floor supports for the next level
  • Friday - set up rebar for the next level floor slab
  • Repeat
The only hiccup with this is when it gets to the mechanical levels which turns the forms into a topsy turvy. They won't be able to use much of the forms as those floors are drastically different.

But, for the first time in this project, I'm sensing speed! I'm cautiously optimistic!
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New crane thingy?
...a temporary BMU type doohickey one it appears.

I suspect that's a real convenient to have that there as one (no pun intended) doesn't have to rely the main crane to lift things on and off that platform to the floors being formed below. And what not.