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Today on the other side of the lane way.
Skilled or not skilled all graffiti that is applied without the owners consent is done by idiots.
You'd think if they're idiots they would be easier to catch...

...that said, let's hope they don't scrawl up those newly minted columns of the subject at hand when all is said and completed.
'Legal' graffiti, by definition, is not graffiti.

Mmmm. Not sure this is entirely correct. Sorry (really) for being pedantic, but I do think it's important to clarify.

From Mirriam Webster:


Note the use of the word 'usually'.


I had a look-see, and there is agreement that the well known wall at Queen/Spadina is Graffit art; and that it is lawful.

There's a website devoted to 'legal' walls (for graffiti)


Toronto's Graffiti by-law specifically delineates between 'Graffiti Vandalism' and 'Graffiti Art'; the latter of which may be legal under the by-law.