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How many floors are left? Does that mean by this time next year, if the pace maintains, the building will have topped out?
Will the lower floors be open and occupied before the top of the building is completed?
About 50 left, so even if they could do a floor a week every single week with absolutely no delays, it's a year. So no, it won't be topped out this time next year. But it will be extremely tall by then!
Cumberland Terrace makes a good counterpoint.
Yeah, I've never understood the people who tout Yorkville as being a bastion for luxury, when Cumberland Terrace has been there the whole damn time. I think a lot of people want us to have our own "Rodeo Drive", but the realities of the city always seem to want to prove them silly.
So they are currently forming vertical supports for the 45th floor that leaves 46 floors left to go if they do one a week. With the exception of the mechanical levels that normally take about 3 weeks, they should be looking at about short of a year to form out
Except the realities of our Canadian winters will have a vote on this. Things tend to really slowdown in Dec-Mar.