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I saw a sign on the lot of the metro church on church st saying there was going to be a (16?) story building to be built there and 2 other buildings. Could someone fill me in as to whats happening there? Are they going to build something right next to the church in that fenced portion?
Cassiusa do you still have that rendering you did of this area? That would easily show what they were sort of planning. Certainly no news on this project for a long time now.
Thanks for bringing this up daniellapod.

This is one of those proposals that seems to have slipped by. The last time I saw the planning announcement I just assumed that we would all be hearing about it just before the demolition of the church was to begin.
I realize it's a bit late now but here's the image you were referring to, Ed. It's ugly but it gives a general idea.

Christ, that's awful. So much of the beauty of cathederals comes from the shift in scale that they engender. They can still accomplish this in a large urban context. But putting this faux-gothic thing directly in line behind Metro's tower serves no purpose but to belittle the church. You won't be able to look at the church without seeing the condo.

Contrast with Spire, which echos St. James without insulting it.

Nice render, though. Hey, it's the second unbuilt BA! I really liked that design.
Actually, from that rendering, it doesn't have bad lines for "faux-Gothic" (perhaps because it's more "faux-Saarinen-Tribune").

Now, I'm not arguing for the wisdom of building this thing behind Metro United--but when it comes to style, again, it's like the old Morgan-vs-District-Lofts argument; sure, the "Toronto style" may be a great thing, but don't be too heavy-handed with the bias...
I agree that this is a horror show of a design for this spot. And yes, a modern tower, perhaps off to the side, would do a heck of a lot less damage to the church's aesthetic and sightlines.
Sir Novelty: The church is already faux-Gothic. What's wrong with a matching condo?
Alright, fine. Faux-gothic is an established trope. But the faux-faux-gothic is pushing it.

It's the graceless massing of the thing that really bothers me, I think. The setbacks don't achieve any real elegance, or reduction is the building's perceived bulk. The only get it as far as to resemble a large jell-o mold.
Yikes. The placement of the tower directly on the centerline of the church makes it seem as if the two buildings are related only to ruin the look of the church. I think a modern highly reflective all glass building would do much better on the site so as to disappear behind the church and blend into the surroundings.
Philip Johnson pushed it successfully with his faux-faux-Gothic tower, PPG Place in Pittsburgh, inspired by Sir Charles Barrie's Victoria Tower at the Palace of Westminster - which in turn was inspired by an earlier Mock Gothic building.

"Bad artists copy. Great artists steal" - Picasso.

I suspect that what we'll get here is faux copyism, not bravura Johnsonian theft.
Of course, there's an 80s precedent in Christ Church Montreal

...and I'm *not* defending it...