Mississauga The Kith and Kindred Condominiums | ?m | 25s | Daniels | Kirkor

Renders from Kirkor's website: https://kirkorarchitects.com/work/erin-mills-block-2/



probably better than having an Ornge air copter wedge itself into unit 2404 some dark and stormy night…


No I completely understand, just considering we went from the top quote at first proposal, to the second quote of which is now in pre-construction, it just feels like a shame... the original design made more of a statement and felt more in line with what was done at the Arc across the street.

Felt like this project went from having some grander aspirations to just being run of the mill... would have been nice to see something more bold being constructed here.

But again, I understand the helicopter thing as to why it was rejected.
Had the little one with me when I've cruised by lately. Flying and keeping an eye on my two year old is more than my fifty something brain can handle.

I'll have to swing by one day when I'm solo.

It's on the ever expanding list of projects to photograph.
I assume they are constructing all three buildings at once? It looks that way. The entire project is supposed to be a condo, a rental, and an old folks home. We have finalized designs for the condo but I have yet to personally see a finalized design on the rental or old folks home, or even just the grounds. Very curious about that, and curious about what the timeline will be like to completion. They seem to be going pretty quick!