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Too bad. That little patch of grass could have been a really nice little parkette. A few tress, couple of benches, some shrubbery to separate from Yonge street would've have created a great space next to all that asphalt and concrete.
Ugh - I don't like it = the architechture seems very out place with what's there. I agree with the prior post - would have been a perfect little parkette.
It also would make a good place for a proper building that's more than one storey tall with good retail at the base. Why no condo above?
I hope this is the most appropriate thread for this news item. If not - Mods please move. Meanwhile - back from the long dead...

Diamond Corp, Tricon Capital Group and RioCan Team Up To Redevelop and Enhance Toronto's Summerhill Neighbourhood

TORONTO, June 17, 2016 /CNW/ - Diamond Corp. ("Diamond") announced today that Diamond, Tricon Capital Group Inc. (TSX:TCN) ("Tricon") and RioCan REIT (TSX:REI.UN) ("RioCan") have closed two separate transactions which include the acquisition of approximately one acre of land at the northeast corner of Yonge and Price Streets from Woodcliffe Landmark Properties.

On the development side of the transaction, Diamond and Tricon have purchased the property just south of the Summerhill LCBO, a site which has remained underutilized for many years.

"We are excited to be involved with a city landmark", said Stephen Diamond, President and CEO of Diamond Corp. "We see an opportunity to revitalize the site and set the tone of excellence with a high quality mixed-use redevelopment which will both respect the historical significance of the site and compliment the surrounding neighbourhoods. We don't have any plans yet and want to work with our neighbours before putting pen to paper."

In a related but separate transaction, RioCan and Tricon purchased the retail asset commonly known as The Shops of Summerhill.

"Tricon is extremely pleased to be partnering with Diamond Corp and RioCan on this project," said Gary Berman, President and CEO of Tricon Capital. "One of our core competencies is developing luxury communities and we believe this is an unparalleled opportunity to work with the neighbourhood to deliver a thoughtful mixed-use project that will reflect the spirit of one of Toronto's oldest communities."

"RioCan is excited about this opportunity, which aligns with our strategy to acquire quality retail assets in Toronto's downtown core," said Edward Sonshine, RioCan's CEO. "Our intent is to maintain the Shops of Summerhill and respect its heritage value."

"Over the coming weeks, we are looking forward to consulting with community representatives, city staff, and other stakeholders whose views will inform us," Diamond added. "As we head to the drafting table to give life to our vision, we intend to produce results that will make everyone proud."
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Ward 27 - Tor & E.York District

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OPA and Rezoning applications to allow an 8 storey, 35 metre tall midrise building on the north Scrivener Square frontage and a tall building element, a 26 storey, 97.3 meter building, located on the 8-10 Price Street portion of the subject site. 182 rental dwelling units, 3085 sq. m. NGFA, 21,155 sq. m. RGFA, 164 below-grade parking spaces.

Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---


Type Number Date Submitted Status
OPA & Rezoning 17 168095 STE 27 OZ May 29, 2017 Application Received
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The development site is huge:


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Shops of Summerhill sells for $42 million to group of three developers

Developers embark upon joint venture to build mixed-use project on property surrounding the ‘Five Thieves’

By Justin Lee
Published: Friday, Sep. 2, 2016, 12:39 PM

The Shops of Summerhill, a strip of independent retailers on Yonge Street affectionately dubbed the “Five Thieves” by locals, has been scooped up in a deal to three developers in Toronto.

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust, Tricon Capital Group Inc. and Diamond Corp. have acquired the historic real estate for $85 million from Woodcliffe Landmark Properties. The landmark property was initially built in 1892 and designated as heritage in 2003. Woodcliffe oversaw a painstaking restoration of the strip prior to the sale, which was completed in 2009.

The joint venture is made up of two separate transactions. Diamond and Tricon acquired the site south of the LCBO for $43 million. The two companies are planning a mixed-use project with residential and retail.

RioCan and Tricon acquired the Shops of Summerhill, at the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Price Street for $42 million.

The real estate consists of about 31,000 square feet of fully occupied retail space and an adjoining one-acre parcel of land, which contains two four-storey office buildings and a parking lot.

“There is no intention to redevelop the shops on Yonge Street,” said Steve Diamond, president of Diamond Corp. “In terms of the remainder of the lands, we believe there is an opportunity to produce a plan that is far more complementary to the neighborhood than what currently exists. However, in moving forward, it is our intention to meet with community representatives and work collaboratively with them before putting pen to paper.”

Diamond said the group’s plan may include demolishing the building at 8–10 Price St., currently occupied by the Beer Store.

The redevelopment plan is currently in the works and has not yet been submitted to Toronto’s city planning department.

Ward 27 councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has encouraged the companies to consult with local residents and local businesses before they finalize any plan to bring to the city.
Something super modern with high quality material would be a neat contrast here, with the shops and North Toronto rail station adjacent to the site.

My fear is we will likely get some faux-historic junk instead.
South of the former North Toronto railway station—and current Summerhill LCBO—Scrivener Square is the site of what could become a new Toronto landmark. Designed by Copenhagen's COBE Architects, an ambitious new application envisions a typologically varied pair of buildings dubbed Scrivener Court, surrounding the historic Summerhill retail frontages—known locally (and affectionately) as the 'Five Thieves'—with new residential density, more retail, and public space.