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Sobeys Dupont Proposal on “Pause”

I received an update from Mike Layton about the Sobeys’ proposal to build two 11-storey condos at Shaw and Dupont:

“The Sobey’s application is paused for now as they have applied for residential on Employment Lands and have to wait until the Official Plan review is complete. We will likely have a better understanding in late November and my office can be in touch then.

As it stands, the proposal is not at all in line with the neighbourhood and even exceeds the mid-rise guidelines.”

Translation: The development proposal is still moving forward but Sobeys needs the city to make a change to the Official Plan that will have a major impact on all future development on the north side of Dupont.
Again, this reiterates the need for the city to create a master plan for Dupont – just like it is doing for Bathurst St.
According to the blog The Other Side of Christie: "Sobey's has scaled back the project from original plan, which proposed two 11-story buildings and 740 parking spaces... Sobey’s now wants to build an 11-story mixed-use building with 364 residential units and 653 parking spaces. About 30% of the project will be retail space."
Ward 19 - Tor & E.York District

Proposal for site plan approval application to permit a mixed use development including office, retail, and residential uses. The total proposed residential gross floor area will be 27, 873.05 square metres and the non residential gross floor area proposed is 10, 862.22 square metres.
Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Site Plan Approval 15 267085 STE 19 SA Dec 18, 2015 Application Received
I believe this is a Tridel project now
From the new drawings on the planning site



That's modern but nice. I like the way the floors set back from the street as building levels clime. We need more buildings like this but in the traditional Victorian look.
15 years ago, proposals like this one would be unimaginable for Dupont. For the past several decades, the street has been a corridor of factories, low-rent apartment buildings, working class houses, garages, construction supply yards, and the quiet and unremarkable northern boundary of the Annex. It looks like it's about to change substantially.
The rail line could the reason why. Is there a call for any form of transportation running through there in the future from the metrolinx projects?
Dupont is getting a lot of interesting projects built/proposed lately. It should become much more pleasant in the coming years.
The rail line could the reason why. Is there a call for any form of transportation running through there in the future from the metrolinx projects?

There aren't any such plans, so no the rail line is not the reason why Dupont is changing.
the rail line is more likely to stop it changing, since there is supposed to be a setback (30m?) for residential projects built on the freight corridor.

any stats on lot coverage? has there been a shade study done?