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That really is a huge canvas.......ahem blank wall going up.

Were there any plans for a mural on this facing?

If not, I see a real risk of tagging issues.

Don't think there's any substantial plans established yet for a mural. But it could be arranged as TAS are generally more engaged with communities that build in, and perhaps if there could a collaboration with the future library space for an initiative like that.
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As a local resident, I submit that this could, ne, should have 30-40 more storeys.
Why though? Isn't this the type of form (rectilinear, 12-14 storey mid-rise) that the city needs more of? It's less restricted by the angular planes of the mid-rise guidelines and the site isn't really a major node. If it was 55 storeys it would what, a smaller point tower on sprawling podium ie. what planning has favoured for the past two decades? I'm just not buying that for this site.
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Adding to the density node, seen from the Wallace Pedestrian Bridge this morning.

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I've started jovially referring to this (my nearby local) density node as West Core. Still on the thin side, but it'll become overall more formidable once the Galleria redevelopment towers get built. ;)