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Good news, that. Just across the tracks west of Landsdowne:

Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao is hosting a meeting on May 16th:

"The developer intends to propose the construction of a mixed-use commercial and residential building with a podium height of 6 storeys along Dupont Street and Campbell Avenue. The building would step up and back to 8 storeys and further up and back to 18 storeys in the eastern portion of the site. The proposed redevelopment would have a mix of single, one, two and three bedroom units, two levels of retail/commercial and office space along Dupont Street and Campbell Avenue, as well as Live/work units along Campbell Avenue and three levels of underground parking."
Great to have more new developments along the west end rail corridor. I used to drive by that dingy old building a lot and wondered if there would ever be redevelopment potential to it. This stretch of Dupont (especially intersection at Lansdowne) has been depressing for so long now. This area should be freshened up by the new life brought by Fuse Condos and the other projects rising around it.
Excellent! Dupont, for the majority of its length, is unbelievably ugly.
TAS is the Developer
Oh nice, TAS is really investing in the west end! That should mean interesting architecture for an area in great need of it.
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Thanks for the rendering and info. I'm excited to hear Teeple's involvement in this project. The design pattern reminds me a lot of TAS' (now stalled) Giraffe proposal. I like the green roof concept, the area as of now could really use more greenery. The retail units are also a very welcomed addition to the pedestrian realm to help animate the streetscape.
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nice to hear teeple involved. in that rendering, is that brown finish brick, wood, or cor-ten?
The 'tower' portion looks a little off. Other than that, a generally interesting project with some much desired retail.
What do you mean by 'off?' Can you expand? I think this looks fantastic and hope it doesn't get too neutered before it goes to market.
Well, it looks like they cut off a part of the podium and put it on the roof. Don't get me wrong, the podium is really great, but a part of me wishes that a different design was used in the tower.
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