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What should be the permanent name for the park under the Gardiner?

  • The Artery

    Votes: 12 6.7%
  • The Bentway

    Votes: 74 41.1%
  • Under Gardiner

    Votes: 52 28.9%
  • None of the above

    Votes: 42 23.3%

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I can't seem to find the result of what was supposed to be a vote for funding the signature pedestrian bridge over Fort York Blvd.

I know that they were doing a crosswalk in the interim and that building the bridge in the Fall of 2017 was subject to budget approval by city council.

Anybody know what happened?
From the June WT Board Meeting CEO Report (p. 8&9):

The Bentway
Construction continues to progress on The Bentway project. Work over the past few months has focused on installing underground utilities, drainage infrastructure, and rough grading of the site. Fine grading at Strachan Gate began at the end of April and excavation work has begun for the Fort York Visitor’s Centre extension.
Construction fencing signage will be printed by the end of May and installed in early June, assisting with the branding of the site as The Bentway in addition to providing some directional signage for Fort York.
Due to the accelerated timeline for the project, the procurement packages have been broken down into several work packages to allow for staged completion of Issued for Tender drawing sets. The Ice Refrigeration Design/Build package has been awarded to CIMCO Refrigeration and work is proceeding on the detailed design of the skating trail. Structural Concrete and Electrical contracts have been awarded, both significant components of the project. Waterfront Toronto continues to manage the design team in completing tender documents for the landscape and site furnishings packages for Phase 1.
The Environmental Study Report for the proposed crossing at Fort York Boulevard was filed in mid-January and, during the 30 day public review period, a Part II request was received Waterfront Toronto has responded to the informational requests received from the MOE, and awaits Ministry response and review within the next several months.
The Bentway Conservancy’s new Chief Executive Officer, Julian Sleath has become increasingly involved in the process since he joined the Conservancy in March. Recent staff additions include the hiring of a Director of Development, David Carey and a Director of Programming, Ilana Altman.
Each bring a wealth of experience to the Conservancy, and are quickly becoming involved in planning, programming and fundraising activities for The Bentway.
The City of Toronto and the Bentway Conservancy continue to work on final access agreements for the site, and Waterfront Toronto continues to provide input into Maintenance and Operations considerations for the agreement.

Neat little tidbit from the latest Bentway newsletter:

The Bentway is excited to be a part of the newly-launched High Line Network, a group of innovative public space projects that prioritize community engagement and dynamic programming. We are thrilled to work with this group of infrastructure reuse projects—and the people who are helping them come to life.

Here's the site:

From the Globe, by Alex Bozikovic:

Looks like the extension to the Fort York Visitor Centre (for the Zamboni shed) has changed a bit.


There are some images in that article I'm not sure I've seen before.




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There are some images in that article I'm not sure I've seen before.

I think they are new. The Bentway website is borderline useless - all sizzle and no steak. You can barely even find what they are planning for beyond a whole bunch of feel-goods. There is more from the WTDRP and city reports than from the project itself.

And latest email newsletter with a mini construction update.

As we enter the summer months, construction at The Bentway is in full swing. Much of the early work has focused on underground servicing and utilities work, so while there has been a lot of work completed to date, much of it has been covered up as it has been completed. Work on the sanitary and storm sewers, watermains and stormwater infrastructure is on schedule, and this work will be completed this summer. Much of the earthwork and grading has now been completed, most visibly with the lawn area and trail access at Strachan Avenue taking shape.

Preparations have also been made for work to begin on the structure at Strachan Gate, as well as the Skating Building extension to the Fort York Visitor’s Centre. As part of this work, the installation of shoring to support side slopes during the excavation is currently underway at the Visitor’s Centre, and will also be undertaken at Strachan Gate. These two buildings will begin to take shape in August.

Those of you who are passing the Strachan Avenue end of the construction will have seen the soil being piled up into a shape that will be landscaped as an open air amphitheatre. The newly formed earthworks will create an important transition from The Bentway to Strachan Avenue, with a trail connection that will also provide linkages to the larger trail network.

Throughout this process, access to the Fort York National Historic Site and the Fort York Visitor Centre, as well as events has been, and will continue to be maintained. As The Bentway begins to take shape on the site, the Conservancy is looking forward to sharing more project updates with you.

Your support and feedback are invaluable to us! We're looking forward to speaking with you soon—in the meantime, sign up for our newsletter, check out our Instagram, visit us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. For general inquiries please feel free to reach out to

This construction update comes from our partners at Waterfront Toronto. Please email with any construction-related inquiries.


Installation of Brentwood Storm Tank at Strachan Gate


Bulk Excavation of Skating Trail


Installation of 100mm Water Main at the Armouries Area

Your support and feedback are invaluable to us! We're looking forward to speaking with you soon—in the meantime, check out our Instagram, visit us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. For general inquiries please feel free to reach out to
Some weird goings on at the Strachan end of the site when I walked by this evening.
You may just be able to discern the prop horse in the glare of the first shot. Plus a lot of manikins. I guess a movie shoot.




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