Toronto Ten York Street Condos | 224.02m | 65s | Tridel | Wallman Architects

The exterior marble has looked like crap most of my adult life. I can't say I miss it. I like the dark accents in the corners as well.

I preferred the look of the older branch building. I absolutely hate what they did to the interior. It now looks like every other BMO branch. It was dated but, in a good way. The whole white on white thing is just too popular to not eventually be very out.
The fly forms are almost gone on the east side of this building as per the Tridel webcam...


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The dark doors on the lower balconies broke the cleanliness of the tower point. Hard to avoid, I guess.

NOP, I believe the doors aren't darker it's just weather the doors are open or not installed yet.
Looking at 10 York from the eastbound Gardiner, I can't help but feel that more glass, better materials, and a different colour would have made this building REALLY stand out.
Yeah, I see it as a disappointing result. Nice wedge of a podium though, but above that it's fairly unremarkable.
Also, the tower's an "awkward" height as it relates to its neighbours. It feels tentative. It should have been a lot taller.
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