Toronto St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

The orange panels are changing when they get to the north end of the building - the mechanical rooms.

They are continuing to work on the roofing; they seem to have finished the wooden (?) form at the edges and are now installing waterproof membrane (??) on the 'west wing'.

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You can tell its a cooler day, @DSC is out surveying his fiefdom from the roof-top patio!
Not sure if this is elsewhere. Market Lane Renewal

MarketLanePark-FinalConcept-PerspectiveViews(Aug162022) (dragged) 3.jpg
MarketLanePark-FinalConcept-PerspectiveViews(Aug162022) (dragged) 2.jpg
MarketLanePark-FinalConcept-PerspectiveViews(Aug162022) (dragged).jpg
Not sure if this is elsewhere. Market Lane Renewal

I posted the preferred concept back on April 1st, in this thread, but the renders are new!

Regrettably, this feature survived the process (lighting)


Not a fan; I recognize all sorts of issues, from routine maintenance to low clearance (you know vehicles will access this park for the Farmer's Market, for Events and for Tree Trimming and you know they will make unintended contact......)

Sigh. Lighting and 'medicinal' plants bed aside (another maintenance headache) this space is mostly an unambitious refresh.

It's could and should have been better.
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It’s refreshing to see a new Toronto park design that hasn’t been over-programmed to death.

This serves its purpose well. The promenade nature of the space is part of its charm. As someone who uses it regularly, I’m glad they went with this.
It's a tiny park that is really a wide walkway. As noted by others, IF it is well executed (and maintained!!) it should work very well.
I walk through here about 4 times a week. It's really not that tiny.

My point is the community consultation process was rather hyped, with all kinds "woke" posturing. My expectations were heightened and I was expecting a lot more; a re-think, not a surface-level refreshing.
Exactly. This doesn't have to do backflips. It's just some connective tissue in the core. Keep it simple & easy to maintain, and we all win.

I agree completely, but I think they got the basic refresh wrong.

They should have hired PMA; it should have felt like a simple, clean, natural transition from St James Park to Market Street.

The lighting should have remained 'Victorian', the pavers chosen should have mimicked those for Market Street, with heritage-style benches and the basics.

The basics being, one nice, small flower display (4-season display), one drinking fountain, one water feature (simple, straight-forward and winterized)

No hand warmers, no misters, no bizarre lighting system suspended mid-air, no specialty components of any kind, no material programming.