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Apr 24, 2007
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Looks good. Excited to see more towers start to rise along the DVP/404, the drive gets more and more epic every year. Density along the sheppard subway like this can only help ridership numbers as well.
I agree. All along Fairview Mall Drive (on the northern and eastern side of Fairview Mall) is pretty drab and could most certainly use some new life. This will be a good addition to piggyback off the energy of the mall, which is a fairly decent, if not standard, mall. This will be similar to many newer malls in the suburbs where there are typically a number of newer condo buildings on the street circling the outer perimeter of the shopping mall lot.
This should be called, Snow Condos (in honour of the rapper). He grew up in the townhouses directly east of here.
Following the marketing of the 17-storey 1st tower 'Soul Condos', looks like FRAM released the 16-storey 2nd tower 'Connect Condos' for Agent Pre-Sale this passed weekend

2nd tower Connect Condos shown ghosted

1st tower Soul Condos

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Pretty sharp looking towers (despite the unfortunate, ironic name) but considering there is an entire underused subway line dead ending here, there should be twice as many at more than twice the planned height.
Looks like the builder finally has a (somewhat basic) website up for this project, this overall multi-phase development is now collectively named "Fairview Park"

Higher resolution renderings of the first 2 buildings from the builder's website:
I must say, I like the name Fairview Park much better than Soul or Connect. Not only does it sound better but it's more descriptive of where it's located and better defines the neighborhood. I honestly think the renderings look fantastic. If the completed project looks anything like these, that would be a huge success from a design standpoint.

Soul condos is almost at grade.


Meanwhile Connect has not started yet.


Next to the hoarding you can see the remnants of a parking lot that used to be here. It's unfortunate that most of the neighbourhood is bad urban form and not very pedestrian friendly, because it's actually quite walkable given that Fairview mall is right across the street from most of the buildings here, and Don Mills station is also quite close.


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Fairview Mall is not very pedestrian friendly, which is a bit unfortunate since the mall and subway generates a lot of foot traffic to/from the surrounding neighbourhoods.