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Toronto skyline

nice dt. here's two i found posted on ssp by caltrane. Pics are by Kanuck54 at flickr. Cityplace looks amazing in this shot!

Another posted by caltrane. this one by anotherfacemobile at flickr
I don't recall seeing the Crystal from above like that. Great shot!
Long time lurker, first time poster. Here are a couple of my skyline shots.


(Shot from the Tower at Casa Loma. I am guessing BuildUp in Post #2 shot from the same location)


(Shot from Tommy Thompson Park. Little black objects are mosquitos, damn things ruined the photo)
Mostly lurker here too. I took this a few years ago from The Docks area, before they decided to colour up the CNTower. I have better night time shots which I seem to have lost. That night I was playing with different settings on the camera and have quite a few shots that are good. Now if I could only remember what I did with them.

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