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Interesting. This may have been mentioned already, but due to the fact that the existing Bay Adelaide loading ramp off Richmond bisects the ground floor of the north tower, the east and west halves are fairly separate. According to the plans, the east half will serve as the building lobby (with two elevator banks), while the west portion is marked as retail. A bit of animation for the west end of this stretch of Temperance.

I'm wondering if that retail would be a new food court, because it doesn't look like there's any space left for one downstairs.
Just west of Cloud Gardens, another Downtown Toronto office tower is in the works. Planned as the final element of the Bay Adelaide Centre, plans for a 32-storey tower tentatively known as Bay Adelaide North are ramping up, with a new Site Plan Approval (SPA) submitted to the City of Toronto this month, and rumours of a pending start of construction.

"Replacing the parking garage entrance that has long been an inelegant neighbour for Cloud Gardens—itself set to be improved with funds from the Bay Adelaide Centre's development—the highly rectilinear office tower would add another major project to Toronto's commercial construction boom."

Isn't the new tower incorporating the loading dock entrance into its design (not actually replacing it as best as I can tell from the plans), not the parking garage entrance? The Richmond Street parking garage entrance is to the east, underneath the Cloud Gardens greenhouse. Are there plans to move the parking garage entrance?
my understanding from the plans is that the existing garage below the tower will be demoed and replaced - much like they did for BAC East.
my understanding from the plans is that the existing garage below the tower will be demoed and replaced - much like they did for BAC East.

I am not sure it was completely demolished for Bay Adelaide East (but I could be wrong), but it was certainly cordoned off during construction and the new elevator banks now occupy some of it. But the rest of it remains parking.

But the above-noted article talks about replacing the garage entrance on Richmond, not the parking underneath the tower.
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This for the east tower. Elevator core I presume. I seem to recall some for the west tower but can't prove it now.



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Yes, new elevators already mentioned above. But that's an awesome photo, which I didn't see at the time.

The issue I was raising (of course you are free to raise any other issue), is the parking garage entrance on Richmond (not the parking underneath the north tower), which the article states is being replaced (which does not seem correct, but who knows).
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The parking garage entrance is staying in place. The main loading dock for The Bay is under the footprint of this tower
I walked by on Saturday I did not see anything closed off, just the stores were closed cause of Canada day.
I cut through this morning on my way to the Eaton Centre. Only Subway and Tim Hortons were open; the other outlets were deserted, but I can't recall if that is normally the case at 8 a.m. (not even any staff prepping for the day). Manhattan's is definitely gone (signage gone, covered in brown paper), but they had a large notice posted last week saying they were moving, so they might have been pressed to remove all the fixtures and reinstall them at the new location over the weekend. Last week, Szechuan Szechuan seemed to already be closed for good (they were closed at lunch), although the fixtures and signage all seem to still be there.