Toronto Scotiabank North Tower at Bay Adelaide Centre | 140.2m | 32s | Brookfield | KPMB

If this project doesn't get built because of no major tenant. Do you think they'll change this project into a prestige condo building because of its rectangular shape?

No. Brookfield can afford to wait or sell it as a zoned office tower plot of land. There's no need to flip it for a lowly 5 star condo tower.
not sure if these have been posted:



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I hope they will redesign the building.
A typical boring box without curve or special cladding is a past thing now.
We are in 2017 now.So Brookfield should innovate and honor the importance of Toronto.
If they cannot do that, they should quit real estate development business.
I mean it's nice in the sense that it completes a story, but seriously Brookfield? All their competitors are trying to put up something vaguely interesting, and these guys dumb down the design with every iteration. At least round the corners or something...

Hey Brookfield, please hire me to be your architect. These are my qualifications:

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Things are supposed to look better in three's, but not sure that applies to these filing cabinets for humans. I guess a case can be made that this grouping qualifies as somebody's idea of inspired infill.
Will they cleanup the garden with this development ? It's not in the best shape, does the fountain still work ?
Yes - the Cloud Gardens being fixed up is part of the deal.
I suppose one can always wait for the re-development of Bay-Adelaide I, II, & III 70-80 years from now. I'm trying to stay positive.
While it's great Temperance gets a nice treatment, there is absolutely nothing at the tower base to animate the street or inspire people to linger. The park is great but why not use all that prime retail frontage and add in a coffee shop, patios, public seating, artwork -Something!

Nothing about this makes me want to stick around the area. The gardens are about the only thing interesting with this development and they were there before it!

Urban design failure imho