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I'd like to see the records stay on Yonge. It is such a part of the street's 'heritage'. It's nice to preserve older signage. I'm glad the Pantages/Canon kept it's sign which I believe has been hanging over the street for many years too.
Actually, the Pantages/Canon sign only dates from the theatre's restoration 20 years ago. This is what it looked like before
This is what Sam's site looked like before Sam came along...history does tend to repeat itself...demolish --> rebuild --> demolish...


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Couldn't they at least have kept the facade???

I'm gonna miss those records spinning...
I think they'd be really cool implanted into the road right in front of the old Sam's location.
Interesting pic of the Yonge Street pedestrian mall. What a difference a few years can make. I prefer the faux-historic current marque to the '70s version.

I'm vice versa on that: the present version's too flimsy-faux, but the 70s version was actually an extremely sophisticated modern exercise that almost makes one forgive what was lost, or the fact that the place was multiplexed at all. (In some of those historic photo threads, you might see the post-Pantages Imperial pylon that preceded the Imperial Six front.)
Imperial Six was a great multiplex to go to. You walk through the doors and there was this grand hallway before you. A great sense of arrival. And when you left the cinema you walked right out into the craziness of Yonge St. Pretty decent times.
I think it would be unfortunate to move the record signs to Ryerson as their visibility would drop enormously, unless you're a Ryerson student obviously. They belong on Yonge. Maybe an art installation could be made out of them.
Sam The Record Man's Building...GONE!!

Everyone: I finally found this topic-I was wondering about Sam's and then I see this-GONE!! Hopefully those classic record neon signs will be used in a creative way-I was glad to see them saved. Those were Yonge Street classics-just like Sam's was to many. LI MIKE
I miss it too. Maybe it could be rebuilt in a facade district.