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Yeah, the corner building should be the focus of what to retain here. The one formerly south of it where Corrado's barbershop used to be at had merit too, but was demolished already after extensive fire damage.

ZBA application submitted:

Development Applications

Project description:
Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment application for a 17-storey mixed-use building having a non-residential gross floor area of 522.19 square metres, and a residential gross floor area of 15,615.71 square metres. A total of 217 residential dwelling units are proposed.
I think the massing is a bit chunky but fine. This is 4 different buildings mashed into one - separately they work but together it's too much. Simplify, and add some colour. I know this is early days though, so I am expecting this one to change a few times as it moves through the process. Hopefully the next revision is a step in the right direction!
This is going to be terrible. Inexperienced developer and architects who couldn't care less. This is going to be bottom of the barrel garbage.

None of this wishy-washy nonsense! Tell us what you really think, PE!
Hopefully just a zoning excercise? If the ‘developer’ is still just an amalgam of the individual parcelholders it’s hard to imagine that some of them wouldn’t want to take their profits a certain point.
I mean looking at their transition to the neighbourhoods area to the west.. 0 metre lot line up to 4 storeys, they aren't very experienced and are going overly aggressive. It'll be a fun one to watch.
Awful colours and shapes/massing
Like someone who cant make a decision
At least heritage is preserved
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How this kind of drab gets continuously put up along key corridors in the downtown core never ceases to amaze me. This is a disgrace.
Well it’s not being “put up” is it. It’s a first rezoning proposal, obviously a wild flailing density grab by an inexperienced developer with one of the worst architects in the City. But this would be refused by staff and lose at the Tribunal (OLT) in this form, in my opinion. There will be major changes. Too bad the team didn’t put together a more serious application although I do sympathize with developers who feel the City and “community” (rich old NIMBYs, usually white folx) will fight them and take their pound of flesh regardless of what they submit — so might as well start with some extra crap to cut away later. Dumb process.