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Concord has picked up a couple additional properties in the immediate vicinity of the Cityplace lands. I don't have the exact address, but it's my understanding that the lands are north of the old Daily Foodbank building (owned by Loblaws) and west of the park. I don't know what the planned project sequencing is, but the final phase (so called signature tower) may be pushed back with these new parcels of land to be developed next - which would certainly make sense in terms of the continued use of the on-site presentation centre at Spadina and Bremner.
Block map below of Railway Lands West showing the subject site's relative location:

  • Blk 33+37: newly acquired Cityplace lands
  • Blk 32+36: TCHC
  • Blk 26W+29: Parade
  • Blk 26E: Luna
  • Blk 24: Montage + Neo
  • Blk 25: West One + Gallery + N1/N2
  • Blk 31: TCHC

To match the thread naming pattern of Cityplace bldgs ... a thought:

CityPlace: Blocks 33 + 37 (Concord Adex, __s?, architect?)

when the project evolves with more details, perhaps MODs can break out the 2 blocks into separate threads later?
Since block 37 seems to include the Amsterdam Brewery building I assume the days of the brewery in its current location are numbered.
CityPlace acquires Block 33 + 37 ( between Canoe Landing Park and Bathurst Street )
Concord Adex Developments recently acquired two land blocks (Blocks 33 and 37) in the Railway Lands West and are planning to develop these properties. The blocks are south of Fort York Blvd, between Canoe Landing Park and Bathurst Street.

Before designs for these buildings are developed, I have asked Concord Adex to hold a design charrette to consider the type of building form that should go at these sites.

This will be a hands-on and in-depth workshop to discuss recommended building forms, pedestrian connections, view corridors, uses at ground level, and other urban design and planning considerations for the sites.

I would like to invite you to participate in this design charrette. As residents in the neighbourhood, I think your feedback is crucial on what works in the neighbourhood and how to make the design of the two new blocks as successful as possible.

Date: Wednesday May 26, 2010
Time: 5:00 - 9:00 pm
Location: Concord Adex Sales Centre, 23 Spadina Ave

Due to limited capacity, participants must able to commit to the full 4 hour event. If you are interested, please RSVP by Monday May 24 to or call 416-392-4044. We need to confirm numbers with Concord Adex for organizational purposes.
Its too bad a design charrette wasn't done for the entire city place complex. Not saying its bad or anything, but would of really made it stand out. Good to see this happening on this portion though! Kudos!
will Queens Wharf Road (between blocks 33 and 37) connect through to Lakeshore under the Gardiner? I hope there is at least a pedestrian passageway.
will Queens Wharf Road (between blocks 33 and 37) connect through to Lakeshore under the Gardiner? I hope there is at least a pedestrian passageway.

I believe only Dan Leckie Way will connect through (for cars) to Lakeshore Boulevard
I wouldn't be surprised if they transferred some density to the "Signature" site - this could allow them to build the tallest residential building in Canada after all.
CityPlace: Quartz (Housey St @ Dan Leckie Way, Concord Adex, 41s)

I received an email from an agent announcing a new project from Concord called "Quartz", what is that project? where is it located? I did not find any thread here