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Why do people always credit or place blame on politicians? Imho, Adam Vaughan had very little if not nothing to do with these changes. It was merely a matter of time and local real estate climate changing--C.P made other developers realize people want to live in this area.

Adam Vaughan is like George W--people direct there love or hate at the politician but the real jerks/heros? are those that own property

Well, I am thrilled to be able to use my 2000th post to ask if you can really, honestly, truly, be intimating that George W might not be to blame for what's going on in the States today?

Are you totally deluded?

I believe George W is merely the public figure behind a bunch of big oilmen.... Pick the dummie of the bunch to take all the crap while the real players profit from their strategies. Dick Cheney and friends are some of the smart guys; many more run Hedge funds.

Adam Vaughan is merely the public guy taking all the crap from the locals; he may honestly believe he can change things; however, I'm more skeptical.... Big money is running the show in this town, as in all towns.

I'm cynical perhaps? Or a bigger loon than George W?;)
I'm with UD on this one. Search for a youtube video from the Daily Show where Jon Stewart interviews Governor Bush and President Bush (same guy like 5 years apart). It's really eye-opening and hilarious. He was no different than your average Liberal MP when he was governor, but his presidency was planned and run entirely by hardcore neoconservatives on his staff. There are books upon books (credible ones) on the topic.

Of course this doesn't excuse him from anything.
Bush may be somewhat of a puppet for his evil cronies, but he is no better than they are, and there are no excuses for his behaviour. He's the freakin' President of the US for goodness sake! He should be held to account for his crimes, and impeached, along with Cheney...

...but not Adam Vaughan. Adam Vaughan is not to be impeached, nor be made to account for any slights against clubland until possibly the next civic election.

The only serious question to consider is whether Vaughan would laugh or cry at the idea of being compared to G. W. Bush?

I doubt he would cry.
  • Modern glass office tower cantelevers over historic buildings
  • The new office compontent will extend 9 floors above refurbished warehouse buildings
  • 134 Peter will be preserved
  • 364 Richmond will be preserved
  • Other smaller structures on site will be demolished
  • New podium is a lobby/atrium space with some retail opportunities in an 'L' space between preserved older structures
  • Public lane at the north end of the site will be widened and animated
  • At the roof level of 134 Peter there will be amenity space and the new office component will step back from the edge of the existing structures
  • Green roof planned
  • Existing buildings are not historically designated, but the developer wants to maintain character of the area
  • There is no underground parking planned, due to site constraints of preserving existing building (it's not a facadomy, but a full restoration of existing buildings - parking can't be dug under existing structures)

Thanks to Mike for the notes on this and the other projects that were presented last night. I attended as well, but didn't take down any of the details. Mike - just wondering what your first impression of the rendering was? I liked the proposal and some of the details, but the size and design didn't immediately strike me as a good fit (although I believe the architect indicated that the design was still very much a work in progress).
It was somewhat bulky, but that is to be expected from an office proposal that would generally have much larger floorplates than a residential design. I thought the Richmond and Peter facades looked great, but the backside facing Queen could use some work. Overall it was a very modern clean look and respected the existing heritage buildings in a creative way.
Found a rendering on &Co's website:

That looks great. I don't know if the floating illusion will really be there though, especially since the glass should reflect a lot of light.
combined with the teeple high-rise at the joker site....this little pocket's
shaping up to be quite stunning.
That looks great. I don't know if the floating illusion will really be there though, especially since the glass should reflect a lot of light.
I hope it'll have the same effect as the Leslie Dan Pharmacy building.