Toronto QRC West Phase 2 (Queen Richmond Centre West) | 35.96m | 7s | Allied | Sweeny &Co

The external construction hoist for QRC West Phase 2 has been taken down, and glazing is being installed where the hoist openings were. Overview photo showing workers installing a window section in the right corner, followed by a more detailed photo of the openings where the hoist used to be, and then one of the newly delivered window sections being set up for installation.



December 6 - An overview photo from the east side of Peter Street, plus reconstruction of the Peter Street sidewalk. A final photo - woodwork being installed over the entrances from the Peter Street sidewalk - the type of detailing that Allied is known for.




The QRC West Phase 2 building looks virtually complete from the outside, with the exception of restoration of the sidewalks. The ground floor interior base building work appears to be complete, but little sign of tenant fit up, at least for the ground floor. Below the current update is a copy, for comparison purposes of the initial rendering from the first post in this thread, 17 years ago. Reasonably accurate, given the passage of time, with the one notable change being full glazing curtain wall instead of brick framing for the upper portion of the facade.

Outside view from Queen Street:


Windows seem to be one of the most overlooked elements in heritage buildings renos. A little bit of me dies when I see old sash windows replaced with some vinyl casement or giant modern fixed pane monstrosity. Granted I'm sure the original windows were long gone here, but there are still good modern facsimiles.