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More issues with glazing/fritting alignment.

...that big blackened splotch on the clouds over the lake is likely the umbra of the said eclipse. A weird effect of what happens when the shadow of something very big is cast by a much, much larger light source to which cuts a much "tinier" path...and you can pretty much see that in full from mburrrrr-san's panoramic there, goodness!
Why did Hariri Pontarini’s heart sink when he saw the misaligned fritted glass panels?

Because his flagship project became a ‘pane’ in the glass!

Edit: on a serious note though, I'm dumfounded how they could carry on with the installation after the first misaligned panel.
Technically speaking the glass doesn’t need to align as the panes cane always be swapped at a later date without issue.

the concern though is all panes have a specific section they are made for. Panel “A1” to section “A1” type concept and the installers are not following said plan or the shop isn’t assembling the panels to said plans.

Either way, it’s a very basic concern and really nothing to be alarmed about.
Well, no, it's not just "pop it out". Those look like they're four-sided structural glazed, so it's actually a bit of a process to hack them out, clean up the glass, flip it, and reglaze. Not the kind of thing you want to do any more than you absolutely have to.

And I'd be more worried if the frames are different widths. Then your module is off and you're seriously boned. Sometimes the frames have extra reinforcement at certain locations, too. They're not really completely interchangeable