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If I am not mistaken, an approved and fully signed-off Site Plan Agreement is not a hard prerequisite for building permits - including conditional permits. The hard stop for the absence of an approved Site Plan Agreement is that the City will not approve and register a new condominium corporation until all the documentation, including the Site Plan Agreement, is fully approved and in place.

Unless the City's processes have now been further tightened up to not process / approve building permits until the Site Plan Agreement has been formally approved....
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There's been one pro-current government post in here, one against. Enough, no more politics in this project thread.

Sunday about 11:30, when the sun was out.
Rambling thoughts today, I’m on conf calls about 15-20 hrs a week and today staring out the window while on a drawn out call, at this site, my mind drifted to the progress. I thought, they’ll be at grade by May 24 weekend, complete the 6 storey podium by Labour day weekend and be at floor 18 by Xmas, and block my horizon by ground hog day if this pace continues. Then my mind snapped back to my call.
Does anyone know the schedule?