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OPA / Rezoning 10 272799 WET 05 OZ Ward 05
- Etob. York Oct 6, 2010 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Gallaugher, Brian
(416) 394-8230
Proposal to increase the overall zoning permission to a maximum of 35 storeys in height and up to (4.2) times density, to facilitate the comprehensive redevelopment of the subjuct lands for (8) residential condominium towers, with ground floor, street-related commercial in (2) of the buildings facing Dundas Street West.

The site is currently a real estate brokerage and strip plaza.
OOOOOOO!!! I am ecstatic about this news! I can't wait for this section of Dundas in Etobicoke to go high-rise - the potential of this corridor is insane. And it's right next to that dilapidated old Canadian Tire, which also has a long gestating development proposal. Honeydale Mall just a bit further west also had a re-development proposal a while back that included free space for a subway extension, but I haven't heard anything about that in ages. I think in 20-30 years we'll have a nice canyon on Dundas from Islington well into Mississauaga! The sooner the better, seeing how ugly it is currently.
This has got to include more properties than just 5415 Dundas - I just wonder which side it extends from? If the east, that would include the Canadian Tire store location, if west, it would have to take in a few retail strip mall properties.

5415 Dundas Street West (multiple towers - Dunshorn Holdings Inc)

A consortium Dunshorn Holdings Inc. comprising of the Orlando Corporation, Franko Enterprises, Fine/Schwebel, Enercorp and Royal LePage has spent the last couple of years working out the details of a proposed redevelopment being designed by Quadrangle Architects at 5415 Dundas Street W near Kipling Station.

The 10.5-acre site will be assembled from five smaller properties (currently commercial buildings, surface parking, two low-rise office buildings and two factories). The build-out will likely take about 10 years and no builder has been selected by Dunshor Holdings. The preliminary design includes 8 buildings ranging from mid-rise with retail on Dundas to taller condo towers up to 35 floors at the back of the site. A total of 1,830 residential units are planned with a GFA of 4.2 - rezoning will be required.

Below is a very prelimary massing model:

argg please tell me the office ompontent will be replaced - there's quite a bit there. Sorry this is Toronto right ? :)
Ah yes, that old classic Bowlerama - it's got to go. I'm loving this proposal, but they really could go taller than 35 stories here. ECC needs it!
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This looks fantastic. It's like Parkside Village for ECC. Without the Park.
And if that kind of density will fill Dundas in Etobicoke, then socialwoe/dentrobate/fresh start's much ridiculed idea for a Shorncliffe subway station in the future might actually have some merit after all...
from today's Daily Commercial News, posted with the usual caveat.....

Toronto, Metro Toronto Reg ON CONTEMPLATED
5415 Dundas St West, M9B 1B5

$200,000,000 est

Note: This project is extremely preliminary. The Owners have created a concept plan to be used in the rezoning application. Owner will seek City Council rezoning approvals for height massing and variances through 2011. Public Information Centers (PIC) are anticipated Spring/Summer, 2011 as part of the approvals process. Cons has completed a Master plan for the project. Owners are evaluating development options for the site and will determine how individual projects will be designed, tendered, and built pending approvals. Further update early Winter, 2011.

Dunshorn Holdings is a Consortia of 5 Landowners made up of; Orlando Corporation, Franko Enterprises, Fine/Schwebel, Enercorp and Royal Lepage.
Project: proposed development of six residential condominium towers and two mixed-use buildings with ground floor street-related commercial uses. Buildings range in height from ten storeys to 35 storeys. The site is actually 10.5 acres.

Scope: 2,000,000 square feet; 8 structures; 10 acres
Development: New
Category: Apartment bldgs; Retail, wholesale services; Recreational bldgs
If the Bloor/Danforth line is extended out here this could become the next huge condo cluster similar to NYCC.

Dundas should go highrise all the way to the 427 and beyond.
^ It really should - all the way past Hurontario. Dundas west of Kipling is such a ridiculously ugly stretch.

I can't wait to see this get built, but it probably won't open for sales for another year.
Community Consultation Meeting:

Thursday March 10, 2011
7pm at Etobicoke Year Round Centre School (Cloverdale School)
160 Silverhill Drive

This is for 5415-5487 Dundas Street West and 15-25 Shorncliffe Road (southeast corner of Dundas Street West and Shorncliffe).